One of the most complex system known to science is the human brain.
Learn how to become the master of your mind.

We use the latest scientific research combined with solution
focused hypnotherapy to treat a range of difficulties so that
we can get you to exactly where you want to be in life.

We successfully treat:

• Stress and anxiety • Depression • Panic attacks • Lack of confidence
• OCD • Insomnia or difficulties sleeping • Weight loss • Eating disorders • Chronic pain disorder • IBS
• Stammering • Nail bitting • Post traumatic stress disorder • Public speaking • Hypnotherapy for child birth and fertility
• Stop smoking • Fear of flying • Phobias
Self reported work-related stress, depression and anxiety account
for 11.4 million lost working days in the UK alone (HSE, 2008/9)
Work place stress is costing £26 billion per annum in lost days,
staff turnover and lower company productivity (MIND, 2010)
Direct employee absence was nearly £17 billion in 2009,
with 70 million work days lost to stress alone (CBI, 2010)
The ‘survivor syndrome’ has a huge impact on the emotional,
psychological and physical wellbeing of employees.
Top quartile companies for engagement outperform bottom quartile companies in customer loyalty,
profitability, productivity, staff turnover, absenteeism, safety and quality (Gallup 2010).
Make sure you are one of the companies that operates in the top quartile.