21st September 2016

The wonders of hypnosis

In the last decade or so an insurgence of research is starting to redefine the stereotypical ‘crystal-ball-chicken-walking-humiliation’ that is often associated with hypnosis. As a clinical […]
1st September 2016

Everyone talks about thinking positively, but HOW do we actually do it?

  ‘Positivity’! It’s the new buzz word. It seems as though everyone is harping on about the benefits of thinking positively, positive thoughts and a positive […]
23rd August 2016

Imagination is more important than knowledge

I love this quote and use it frequently, not because it sounds fluffy, nice and inspirational (although I hope it does do that too), but because […]
26th July 2016

Overcoming Survivor Syndrome

Hands up if you are exhausted? Hands up if you feel overwhelmed? Hands up if you are dying for a good night’s sleep? Hands up if […]