New neural connections will not be kept or maintained if a thought is not self-directed i.e. if you don’t belive that the idea has come from you, you won’t be able to maintain the idea or thought. Proof that micro-management does not work.
When we are in a relaxed state our resting brain is anything but idle. Downtime is vital for us to make sense of what is happening in life so we can come up with the solutions.
Encourage your staff or management team to relax and think for themselves becuase when they do, you will all be more effective.
Master your mind, get on top of your work and join us for offsite management and/or idea days and mid-weeks.
Same format to ‘retreat and challenge yourself’ page
Escape to a beautiful and remote Yorkshire village for some precious time to really focus on your work without the interruptions in the office. You can be out of the office and surronded by the peace and tranqulity of North Yorkshire in a couple of hours from London. We can combine this package with individualised hypnotherapy and deep relaxation so you can get the absolute best out of this offsite package.
5 * rated accomodation in a picturesque village on the North York Moors. Catered breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Michilin star dinner either at the dinning table in the long barn or at the local michilin star pub.
All transfers.
Daily morning yoga.
The Long Barn is an idyllic escape nestled in the village of Appleton le Moors, nestled in the North York Moors National Park.
With seven generous double bedrooms, all with en-suite ensures Long Barn ensures that no one gets the short straw.
The village is a thriving community of less than 200 people, with sheep and their lambs roaming free up the main street. The pub is only a couple of minutes walk and serves prize winning local beers and food seven days a week, they even have a private dining room for 14 and can tailor menus to our requirements.
Although there are no shops in the village we can have anything you desire delivered straight to your door.
  • Perfect for businesses
  • Suitable for groups
  • Luxury accommodation
  • Fully catered
  • Spectacular scenery

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