Spend your lunchtime wisely. Let us give you a break from the relentlessness so you can return to work with control, clarity and joy.

We use the latest scientific research combined with solution focused hypnotherapy to treat a range of difficulties so that we can get you to exactly where you want to be in life.

We successfully treat:

• Stress and anxiety • Depression • Panic attacks • Confidence • OCD • Insomnia or difficulties sleeping • Weight loss • Eating disorders • Chronic pain disorder • IBS • Stammering • Nail bitting • Post traumatic stress disorder • Public speaking • Hypnotherapy for child birth and fertility • Stop smoking • Fear of flying • Phobia’s
In just 30 minutes we will take you to a place of deep relaxation and peace. We combine the latest neuro-scientific research with solution focused hypnotherapy to encourage you to operate in the intellectual mind where you have control, focus and perspective. This package will reduce stress and increase performance.

This package is perfect for businesses. We can see up to 8 people for a 30 minute session, so we can cater for large numbers. Through deep relaxation and suggestion we can get you and your staff operating in the part of the brain that makes us happier, more rational, calm and able to cope more easily. with any task. In turn, this will increase staff productivity and performance as well as happiness. We can work easily in any office space.
When we are day dreaming, relaxing or giving ourselves permission for ‘downtime’ our brains are anything but idle. They are working away so we can process the problems in our lives to enable us to come up with the solutions.

• 1 hypnotherapist can see 8 people in a 30 minute session

• We can provide multiple therapists within a three hour morning period.

• We can work with you and your business to meet the needs and requirements of your staff. We can tailor the package where necessary. 

Prices from

£187.50per session

  • 30 minutes
  • Group session
  • Up to 8 people per 30 minutes
  • Adaptable to any space

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