Annabel Hancock

Bsc (Hons)

Annabel is a highly experienced Speech & Language Therapist and trainee hypnotherapist based in Henley-On-Thames. She is director of Unleash Your Soul and is passionate about helping individuals and businesses learn how to control our primitive minds so we help manage whatever life throws at us. She believes that anything is possible as long as your mind is in the right place.


Stress and anxiety
Managing work related stress
Improving performance
Confidence building
Weight loss

Annabel is also director of our sister company, Queen of The Tribe.

Annabel is mum to Rufus partner to Jon.

Favourite Quotes/pearls of wisdom:
“Imagination is more important than knowledge” (Einstein)
“Remember the compliments you receive, forget the insults” (Baz Lurhman)

Alison Jones


Alison Jones is a graduate of CPHT and a senior lecturer in CPHT Oxford. She also owns a busy practice Solutions Hypnotherapy in Bristol. She lectures on the HPD program across the country and is also a Supervisor for graduates and CNCH verfiying Officer for AfSfH. Alison is also a member of the NCH and NCP.

Claire Brigg

MEd BSc (hons)DHP

Claire graduated from the University of Plymouth in 2000 with an Honours degree in Psychology and Sociology. She enjoyed a couple of years in the Civil service before continuing her love of Psychology and training with CPHT in 2002. Claire has been fortunate enough to practice at the Clifton Practice ever since.

“Over the last decade I have been inspired by the people I have worked with, especially their capacity for change. I realised fairly early on in my hypnotherapy career that with Solution focused hypnotherapy (SFH) we were on to something special. It really is a unique but common sense approach. We all have the necessary resources within us to create the change we desire and the SFH approach facilitates this change. Seeing the wonderful changes people were able to create led me to undertake my Master’s degree in 2006 in the Psychology of Education. I needed to find out more and was fortunate enough to be able to tailor my research to specific areas of interest in the consulting room. It has been one of my proudest achievements other than my children of course! My work with clients and my Master’s degree enabled me to write and teach some areas of course content for CPHT which I have taught nationwide. This year I am pleased to be able to teach for CPHT Oxford as well as continuing to be a busy practitioner at the Clifton Practice”.

Lena Tolkien

Trainee Solution Focused Hypnotherapist at CPHT, MSc Occupational Psychology, BSc (Hons) Psychology, BSc Systems Analysis (Stockholm University)

Lena has extensive experience of working in a structured and proven way towards an overall goal whilst constantly bearing in mind that she is working with people, for people. Clear communication and trust-based relationships are therefore paramount to her. 

“I have always been driven by helping people to live up to their potential by providing the right support and removing obstacles. I am so excited about solution focused hypnotherapy because it both explains why strategies work (or don’t!) and it is also an incredibly effective tool to achieve calm, focus, confidence, happiness and therefore great performance.”

Examples of previous work: heading a project at Sahlgrenska Hospital, Sweden (one of the largest in northern Europe) concerning senior managerial commitment and motivation to aid retention and recruitment; managing numerous IT projects through the whole development cycle from analysis to implementation/training at the European Bank (EBRD).

Specialisms: Reduce stress and anxiety to support people to achieve a calm mental state without which workplace interventions for e.g. target setting, reducing turn-over, health, culture change, motivation etc., simply do not work as intended.